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Vehicle Stock Monitor allows you to search large volumes of vehicles quickly and easily. Up to 5,000 vehicle registrations can be searched at a time and the results returned in a matter of minutes in the form of an easy to use spreadsheet.

To use Vehicle Stock Monitor you will require an Experian Automotive Internet account. If you already have an account please contact your Account Manager who will discuss this service with you. Otherwise please direct all enquiries to Automotive Enquiries on 0870 414 0310.

The Vehicle Stock Monitor platform will no longer be available after March 2024. However, this batch functionality will be available via the Velocity Operations Portal instead and users will be contacted in the coming weeks to arrange migration to this new platform. Please contact your Experian Account Manager in the meantime with any questions.

Please be aware that user accounts and associated files will be deleted after an inactivity period of one year.

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