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About Experian's Automotive division

Experian's Automotive division offers intelligent data solutions for the automotive industry, which enable our clients to buy, sell and operate vehicles, products and services efficiently, profitably and with confidence. We work with organisations operating throughout the vehicle life cycle from manufacturers, through to retailers, finance and insurers and aftermarket service providers, delivering solutions through two business streams, Automotive Data and Decisioning and Automotive Marketing Solutions.

At the heart of Automotive Data and Decisioning is one of the most sophisticated vehicle databases ever assembled in the UK. Compiled from multiple data sources, our processing and analytical capabilities allow clients to interrogate in real-time the history, identity and risk associated with any given vehicle. Whether you are buying, selling, financing, insuring or servicing a vehicle, Experian enables clients to make the right decision quickly, effectively and with confidence. These solutions include our suite of provenance products and services offered through Car Data Check and Vehicle Mileage Check.

Automotive Marketing Solutions are about helping our clients find the most direct ways to the most profitable customers, through the intelligent use of vehicle, customer and market information. These solutions enable our clients to manage their relationships with existing clients and use their knowledge of those clients to find more of the same. Our marketing solutions also help organisations to increase the effectiveness of the Internet as a sales channel, enabling our clients to generate leads more effectively and at the same time reduce their cost per acquisition. Solutions include data cleansing, customer profiling, geographic profiling, prospecting, stock enhancement and online stock advertising.